Why Should Regional Cycling Sports In Victoria Be Subsidized By The Government…?

Regional cycling sports in Victoria, Australia have been quite popular since the late 1800′s. And like in a lot of small country towns cycling is not only a sport but also a means transport and a healthy pastime activity. Over the years the popularity of the sport has been boosted by a number of things in the state such as:


  • Modern development of bike networks in cities and regional centres around the state.
  • The increasing number and success of racing clubs, good examples being the St Kilda cycling club, and the Audax Australian Cycling Club.
  • The growth in numbers of the regional cycling trails.
  • The many numbers of cycling races that take place in the state such as the Herald Sun Tour
  • The large organized rides that happen all year round such a the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

And to to top everything off, regional Victoria has a very diverse mountain bike trail network that cyclist use in training as well as competitions. Not to mention if you prefer the track style of racing there are also about 20 velodromes in Victoria that keep this type of cycling alive and attract quite large crowds particular when World Cup events are held each year.


The popularity of cycling over the years has helped produce a number of champion cyclists such as Tour De France winner and former World Champion Cadel Evans, Simon Gerrans one day classics specialist and previous winner of Milan San Remo and Matthew Lloyd polka do jersey winner of the Giro D’Talia. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though as all success in cycling is because of the hard work and dedication from the parties involved.

Which brings us to the crux of this article – in order to find and cultivate young talent that can become world leaders in cycling and even from a local base further the regional cycling sports in Victoria, the government needs to step in and give a hand.

Why The Government Should Assist Regional Cycling Sports?

When a certain region shows interest in a sport local government and state need to assist and provide the necessary infrastructures and funding to support the parties involved. A growing trend is Public and Private Equity Partnerships ( known as PPP ) which help to facilitate and remove red tape to providing better facilities. For cycling in regional centre’s in most cases the best direction to take is partnering with the PPP.

There are multiple other reasons why Local, State and National government should assist in subsidising regional sport:

1. Income and Employment

A very significant and important reason why the government should intervene and offer a helping hand in the cycling sports is income generation and employment. With the current economic situation, the creation of employment is vital in every state and country. In terms of sports, there are many competitions and events that create a source of income for the sportspeople involved in cycling. The capital generation is not only limited to the cyclists. There are other parties such as vendors during the events, the organisers, and local businesses which profit from the influx of sports tourism plus multiple other people and organisations that make the races possible.

A wonderful by product of cycling is that because it is such an all consuming activity with regard to time and passion most youth involved with riding and racing have fewer chances ti get involved in criminal activities since they spend most of the time in their cycling clubs and training. So inadvertantly, by subsidising regional cycling sports, the government also deals with a number of social issues with just a single blow.

2. Revenue

Regional cycling is quite popular in Australia and with events comes different avenues in which the government can increase its revenue. First there is domestic and international tourism which is a great source of income to the government. Then there are the charges and taxes that have to be paid in different aspects of the races and events. So by making removing the institutional red tape that governments like to get wrapped up in it easier for those involved to access the races and organise events, plus as a benfit the government will be increasing its revenue significantly by lowering the barrier of entry without oppressing the involved parties.

3. Tourism

There is nothing as great as being recognized around the world. Cycling has managed to put Victoria on the world map of sports. There are quite a lot of cycling activities that take place in the state and this attracts great attention from all over the world. There are always many cyclists training and taking part in the events all year round. Some of the spectators are tourists who enjoy watching the sports. And a part from an increase in revenue, the state also benefits in exchange of cultures.

4. Health

Cycling is an intense sport that is quite beneficial in terms of health and body fitness. By subsidising the sport, the government makes an important step in improving the health of many people. Cycling has quite a lot of health and fitness benefits and the more people that take part in the sport, the healthier the state will be. By encouraging cycling, more and more people will opt to use it as a means of transport thus reducing pollution and traffic.

How Can The Government Assist?



Cycling Clubs

Well, it is not easy for a government to help the people on the ground directly. Luckily for regional sports in Victoria, there are cycling clubs. In each club, there are cycling members and these are the people on the ground. It is easier for local government to have a better outreach program to the through the cycling clubs. There are many clubs around Victoria and the sports grants from the government have a significant impact on the locals especially those that are actively taking part in the sport.


A part from just giving the grant money, the government can also support regional cycling sport via improving the infrastructure that is associated with the sport. This includes including all the trails both major and minor and implementing continual maintenance and improvement plans for them where necessary. The velodromes should also be well maintained and if need be expanded to hold more capacity if the requirement is there.

Awareness Campaigns

There should be more campaigns by the government in an effort to promote and popularise the cycling events that take place all year round. As this will go a long way in encouraging more participants to get off their butts as well as provide an increase in sports tourism.

In Conclusion

The government should identify all the cycling clubs in Victoria whether small and big so as to partner with them and focus on methods that can improve the sport. The partnering should include funds but the running of the clubs should entirely be left to the club. The only thing that should be made clear is the use of the funds. Through the clubs, the people interested in cycling can easily access the necessary gear at low or no price leading to more events and more pro cyclists.

7 Things To Look For When Selecting A Sporting Club


A sporting club is simply a club that has been set up for reasons of playing sports. There are different clubs ranging from simple organizations where members play together, unpaid, paid, to large organisations with professional teams and players. Clubs are great if you are looking for a place to give you a sense of belonging and access to equipment you do not own.

Things to look for When selecting a sporting club

1. Price

The price or cost to participate in the club is vital. This is because this is the money you will be taking out of your pocket to pay for the services you get at the club. You should ensure that the club you are interested in provides value for money and fulfills your sporting requirements plus is friendly to your pocket book.

2. Location

The location of the sports club really matters because it will determine how easy you can make it for training sessions. It’s best if possible to choose a club that is close to your home so as to ease the hassle of travelling for your training or games. And if you choose a club that is close to your work place you can have a bit of fun after work and de-stress on your way home.

3. Licensing


Prior to joining any sporting cub you should enquire whether the organization has the necessary papers from relevant authorities that allow such operations. This will tell you how genuine the organization is as those that are legitimate will be more than ready to show you the licensing and any other papers that you might require to see.
4. History



You can visit the club you want to join and have a look around. Check for cups and other things that indicate their history. If you are interested in taking part in competitive sports, you might want to know what the club has achieved in your area of interest since its inception. It is good to choose a club that will help you maximize on your potential and achieve your goals.

5. Equipment

A sporting club is useless without all the necessary equipment. Go for a club that has everything that you need to achieve what you want. Take a look at their gym, grounds other equipment to ensure that you will have what you need for maximum results.

6. Schedules

Most people are in the 9-5 work bracket and if they need to attend a session at the club, then the scheduling of the sessions have to be favorable to them. Find a club that will allow you to go to work and still have time to train for a while.

7. Insurance

This might be the last point here but is probably the most important of them all. Before joining a sporting club, you should enquire to find out if they have insurance. This is important because every now and then playing sports can result in an injury and you might want to know to what extent their insurance will cover you in case you are in an accident within the cub.

The contributor of this article is VeloMofo.com.au

How Sports Tourism Helps Regional Towns In Victoria




What Is Sports Tourism?

Sports tourism refers to the traveling of people to another country or region in an effort to participate or observe a sporting event. This kind of tourism is growing rapidly with the global income emanating from it being estimated to be about $600 billion every year.

There are different types of sport tourism such as hard sport tourism which means that the involved tourists are participating in a competitive sport. Soft tourism where the people involved in the sports are doing it for leisure purposes. Others include sports events tourism, active sport tourism, nostalgia and celebrity sport tourism.

Victoria is a busy state especially in terms of sports. There are several events taking place every month and cut across different sports and competitions. For this reason alone, there are always many tourists visiting the different regional towns so as to either participate or watch the sports.

Popular Sports in Victoria, Australia

Cycling – Cycling is a serious sport in Victoria as the events attract some of the best cyclists and large spectator crowds interested in witnessing the competitions.

Australian Open Tennis Tournament – This is a tennis tournament that takes place in January every year and is the first of the four Grand slams that take place all over the world. Due to the popularity of the game and the tournament, there are players coming from all corners of the earth and the spectators are equally drawn from different countres.

Australian Formula One Grand Prix – There are many Formula One enthusiasts around the world and this is what brings them together in their thousands to watch the Grand Prix in Australia every year.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix – Philip Island has become one of Victoria’s famous islands basically because of the location of the Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit which is home to the Australian motorcycle Grand Prix. The circuit features the domestic V8 supercar racing, World superbike Championship, and the all famous MotoGP.

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival – This is one of the largest horse racing event in the world and also makes it to the list of the largest sports events worldwide. The main race in the carnival is the Melbourne cup with an estimated purse of $6 million. As you can imagine there are large crowds attracted from different countries with more than 700,000 people visiting the carnival during the event.

There are other sports taking place all over Victoria but these are the main ones.

Benefits Of Sports Tourism



As much as the tourists who visit the state are interested in the sport that brought them there, the towns where the events take place benefit a great deal from the visit. Below are ways in which the tourists benefit the towns they visit:

1. Revenue

Revenue in this case is quite wide because there are a number of avenues in which the sport tourism benefits the towns:


Since the tourists visiting to take part or observe the event need to stay somewhere , the hotels, inns, bed and breakfastes, restaurants, bars and pubs get a lot of customers all through the year as long as there are events being held in one sport or the other. This means that the hospitality industry in Victoria is always in business.


There are many shops either selling souvenirs or paraphernalia associated with the sport in season. These shops are always selling as they have to meet the customer needs. Vendors can also be included in this category since they are also selling something either around or in the location that is hosting the event.


When there are many people in one town all interested in one particular event, there arises a great need for transport to and from the venue. This greatly improves the transport industry and creates income and a source of employment for the locals.

Entry Fees And Charges

Most of the sports events that take place in Victoria require entry fees. The proceedings from the events are used in the development of the infrastructure directly related to the sports. Some of the finances are used in paying the people that take care of the venues and those employed during the event thus creating a source of livelihood for the locals.

2. Infrastructure

When there are major sports events being held and a lot of tourist are expected to make their way to the events, the government and the concerned authorities make it a point to improve the infrastructure of the participating towns. At the end of the day, the towns will always be in great conditions as far as the infrastructure around is concerned.

3. Culture Exchange

Sport tourism is about people traveling from their usual environment to another location to be part of a sporting event. When they travel, they carry with them their culture and practices. For the locals around Victoria, they benefit a great deal from experiencing and sampling cultures of different people from all over the world which in turn provides cultural diversity.

4. International Recognition

When there is a popular sport taking place in one of the towns in Victoria, the world focuses on the town and its environs. As mentioned above, there are a number of major events that involve global players and this has contributed a great deal in putting some towns on the world map. There are also many professional players and sports people in different sporting events that are also internationally recognized due to their prowess and accolades under their names. The towns benefit from this because they have to be mentioned when the players are being talked about.

To Finish With

Sports Tourism contributes a great deal in the economy of Victoria as per the mentioned aspects above. However, there are other avenues where the towns can have advantages such as the other sectors of tourism. In most cases when people visit Victoria for a certain sports event, they will end up arriving early and leaving late. Some will want to take a look at what more the regional towns have to offer and this will only lead to more revenue in museums, parks and other locations. Sport tourism is more than just a trip to observe or take part in a sports event; it is an exchange of culture and a large benefit to the locals economically.



Positive Effects Of Cycling Sports On Kids

Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise a body as well as a popular past time activity. For kids, there are numerous benefits especially when the kids are participating in cycling sports. Below are some of these benefits:

Benefits of cycling sports for kids



1. Health and Fitness

Cycling is a well rounded exercise activity that works out different parts of the body at the same time. Cycling is a great contributor to a well functioning immune system and thus when your child is on a bike, they are doing more than just peddling; they are also helping their bodies build a strong army against diseases. Cycling also assist in the building of muscles thus leading to an efficient function of the child’s body.

When your kid is kept fit through cycling (or another sport) or exercise, they develop a stronger immune system to help protect and keep safe from diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Cycling is also known to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Discipline

All sports have strict discipline and thus cycling can be a great start for your child. Timed training sessions and other lesson learned from sport cycling can be quite beneficial to a growing child. There are positive things that they can learn at the sporting club they attend or from their coaches and this can work wonders in shaping their behaviours and character.

Cycling can be time consuming and for a growing child, this is necessary as it will keep them occupied and away from behaviours that might ruin their morals. Therefore important that if they are taking part in cycling, they spend most of their free time on the bike.

3. Self Esteem

There are quite a lot of grown ups with self esteem issues. This can be addressed by assisting your child in building their esteem when they are still young. Sports such as cycling are known to give kids the courage they need to face life situations and handle them better. The courage they need to ride on the bike and compete with others can be easily transferred to other things that they have to deal with.

4. Achieving A Fighting Spirit

When kids are involved in cycling it usually brings out the fighting spirit us Aussies are known for, and in most cases boys and girls want to be the best they can be in what they do. For this reason, they work and train hard so as to beat their piers on the track. And what this brings about at the end of the day is that kids will be competitive in a positive way and their determination and will to win will be their driving force in cycling and other things that are not associated with cycling such as school work. A good thing!


5. Sense Of Belonging

Everyone loves to belong to a certain group or club. If your child is in a cycling cub, they will be better off than those that are not in any club. This sense of belonging in the sport of cycling will help to dissolve any loner type tendencies that can be dangerous to growing kids.

In summary… By looking into what cycling can offer and taking the step to enrol your child in a cycling club can solve quite a number of problems that face growing children. It provides positive direction, teaches discipline, allows friendships to grow in a safe environment plus a multitude of other benefits.

Sports Training Camps For Kids In Regional Victoria Australia



Sports training camps for kids are vital in any society and for Victoria, Australia, they are the very basic foundations that keep children in the correct moral directions that is sought and admired by most parents. There are quite a number of training camps all over the state in different capacities as well as sports they concentrate on.

The most important thing about the training camps is the structured approach to sport the child will learn followed by the discipline and the morals they will be taught while in the camps. Growing kids are always impressionable and thus it is important to give attention to the environment they are in when they have their free time. Once out of school you can never know where your child is going, what they are doing and who they are doing it with. To be on the safe side, the training camps come in to provide the much needed guidance that will ensure the kids do not go astray.

Types Of Sporting Training Camps In Victoria Australia

As mentioned, there are many training camps that are sport based in Victoria and each one of them concentrates on different disciplines and games. There are all kinds of camps and you can choose one depending on the type of sport your child is interested in:

- Cycling training camp

- Tennis training camp

- Football training camp

- Basketball training camp

- Netball training camp

- Golf training camp

- Martial arts training camp

- Swimming training camp, among many others.

The most important thing is to ensure that your kid’s free time is well spent and that they enjoy every minute of the training period.



What the Children Get From The Sports Training camps

1. A Feeling Of Connectedness

There is nothing as important for kids as connecting with peers. The training camps do more than just train them in a certain sports, they give the kids a sense of belonging and they feel like they actually ‘fit’ somewhere in the society. The training camps give them roles to play in their groups and this gives them a team spirit aspect.

2. Industry and Competence

Training camps are all about training and there are high chances that your child will leave the camp having learned quite a number of things including discovering a talent they have and never knew. They end up learning to work hard for what is important as well as time management skills that help them later on in life.

3. Decision Making Ability

Training involves letting the children make critical decisions in competitions and assignments. Through such activities, they are prepared mentally on how to react fast and make decisions that are wise and well calculated; skills that are important even for adults.

4. Stable Identity

When the kids undertake assignments and complete individual task during the training, they get feedback from coaches and trainers. This allows them to gauge their ability and they can understand the things they can do better and those that they need to improve on.

5. Discipline

Above everything, the training camps are beneficial because they teach children how to uphold good morals and how to respect one another even in competitive environments. Although we do not endorse ASC we have heard good things about their kids camps and are worthwhile investigating then school holiday options available to your family.



The role of the Audax Australia Cycling Club


The Audax Australia Cycling Club is a non profit organization that concentrates on providing a platform that can be used by cyclists in improving their cycling skills. The club does not venture into the competitive nature of the sport, rather it gives cyclists a chance to ride and gauge their ability in long distance cycling of 50 to 1200 kilometers. The rides can be used in setting different goals that the riders can beat and this is the main reason why there are many participants and members of Audax.
The good part is that you can enjoy what Audax has to offer whether you are a member or not. The difference is that members gets a number of benefits such as personal accident liability insurance while riding, journals and checkpoints with info on local an international rides.

Audax Austrlia Cycling Club Roles

The club is dedicated to giving cyclist a chance to enjoy what they love best and thus its roles include:

1. Providing a Past Time Activity

Away from the competitive sports arena, most people would rather enjoy cycling as a hobby or as an activity that occupies their free time. In this respect, the club has made it possible for this group of people because they can simply join as members or non members and take on some of the different rides available. Since it is non- competitive, the rides are actually a great experience that is both great for exercise and personally fulfilling with a good sense of achievement.

2. Providing Achievement Platforms

As much as Audax Australia Cycling Club is not associated with competitive cycling, it is a vital part of the cycling world. This is because the club provides a great platform that both pro and amateur cyclists can use in training as well as setting their personal records. The different rides can be used in improving cycling endurance that is critical in competitive races. This is one factor that draws a wide range of professional cyclists to the club.


3. Providing An exercise Platform

It is easy to cycle on your own and exercise but it is usually better to do it under guidelines and set distances as this can assist you to achieve a great deal of goals. Providing an exercise platform to the members is another of Audax’s roles. There are many people who would love to cycle for long distances but doing it alone is quite boring, can be dangerous and even be discouraging at times. Through the club, the members can take the rides in groups and the company can be the driving force that leads them to achieve set goals.

4. Providing Cycling Information

For members of the club, some of the benefits include deeper information on the culture and history of cycling and other great stories relating to the sport from all over the world. And another role of the club is to provide this info to the members so that they can stay at the top of their game and adopt new techniques that will enhance their riding. On a long shot, the club has the role of ensuring that the riding tradition is kept alive and that there are more healthy people through cycling exercise.

More information on Audax can be found by clicking here.

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